GLUI User Interface Library

Version 2.35

Written by Paul Rademacher
Maintained by Nigel Stewart and Bill Baxter




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July 2006
After about a year of GLUI 2.3 sitting around in CVS, finally a new official release! We've skipped right past 2.3 and gone straight to GLUI 2.35.
GLUI 2.35 includes not only the never-released changes made for 2.3, but also several tasty new improvements submitted by Alain Daurat and Orion Sky Lawlor.

See the full release notes here.

March 2005
GLUI website migration to SourceForge.
Some new features are being merged into CVS.

October 2003
GLUI is being migrated to SourceForge.
Source code is now available via CVS.
Help, developer, and open discussion forums have been established.
Bug Tracking is also available.

25th November 2002
Version 2.2 is available.
This is an update for gcc 3.2.
There are no feature enhancements or incompatibilities with 2.1.
Download GLUI 2.2

What is GLUI?

GLUI is a GLUT-based C++ user interface library which provides controls such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, and spinners to OpenGL applications. It is window-system independent, relying on GLUT to handle all system-dependent issues, such as window and mouse management.

Features of the GLUI User Interface Library include:

What does GLUI look like?

Here's an example GLUI window, showing the different controls. This window is rendered entirely in OpenGL. It therefore looks the same on PCs, Macs, SGIs, and other Unixes, using either SGI's implementation of OpenGL, Microsoft's, or Mesa's.

GLUI OpenGL Interface

New in Version 2

GLUI version 2 includes the following new features and controls:

Here is a screenshot (from Windows) showing all the GLUI version 2.0 controls:

Windows GLUI

And another screenshot (from X-Windows/Mwm), showing the new features, including GLUI subwindows docked inside the main graphics window.

X-Windows GLUI

This screenshot (from Windows) shows the new widgets in GLUI 2.3, including scrollbars, a list widget, an area text widget, and a simple file browser.

GLUI 2.3 Widgets

Download GLUI

Version 2.35

Version 2.2

Files hosted by SourceForge

Versions previous to GLUI 2.2 are available.

License Information

GLUI is licensed under LGPL.

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